– 3 quick reasons to upskill your workforce, and provide training courses accredited by us:

  1. Look to the future by training staff to ensure they develop the specific skills needed for your business, leading to an increase in productivity and efficiency

  2. Gain an eager, motivated and specialist staff that have a personal and vested interest in working hard for you, not just anybody

  3. Having seen firsthand the dedication your workforce has for your business, you’ll feel able to bestow greater responsibility and trust upon them, which can only lead to a stronger and happier working relationship for both parties

Employees and Trainees 

– 3 quick reasons to learn new skills, and undertake an accredited training course with your employer:

  1. Impress your employer by showing dedication to his business: he’ll give you more responsibility, and that can only lead to a stronger and happier working relationship for both parties

  2. Earn a nationally recognised, government-approved qualification that will be valued by all FDSC employers

  3. Gain specialist industry-specific knowledge that will stand you in excellent stead for career progression within the sector

3 reasons why you should consider a career in the sector:

  1. 75,000 more skilled workers are required by 2020, meaning there are more lucrative opportunities than ever to get involved in a burgeoning sector

  2. £6.5 billion of sales revenue is generated by the sector annually and is absolutely vital to the Welsh economy; the Welsh Government has even made it a priority sector in its Economic Renewal Policy. This means it is a financially sound and dependable career choice, which is highly unlikely to change

  3. No matter what your interests, qualifications or career preferences, the Welsh FDSC is so large it incorporates an exceptionally varied and stimulating range of careers, from hands-on roles to highly skilled technical and managerial posts: there really is something for everyone!


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